Orthodontic Assisted Surgery

Guided Eruption of Impacted Teeth

Normal tooth eruption can be blocked when there is inadequate space. The result is often baby tooth retention along with adult tooth impaction in soft tissue or bone which can lead to damage of the surrounding permanent teeth. Eruption into proper position is often impossible without assistance. Treatment involves braces, removal of the retained baby tooth (if present), surgical exposure of the impacted tooth, and attachment of an orthodontic bracket with gold chain to the tooth. The chain is attached to the braces and allows orthodontic traction to be applied to the tooth, slowly guiding it into place over a period of months.

Surgical Orthodontics

Bite correction may require jaw bone surgery in addition to orthodontics for optimal results. Recently developed surgical techniques allow jaw bone modification and rapid orthodontic correction in an office setting for certain cases that previously required major surgery, hospitalization, and lengthy recovery times. Treatment involves tiny bone cuts around tooth roots, bone grafting, and rapid tooth movement (and bone growth) into the new position using braces.